N.I.C.E. - Network of International Circus Exchange

About our International Network

Foundations & Philosophy

On October 11, 2005, an international conference in Berlin, with over sixty participants from many European countries was concluded by the foundation of N.I.C.E. [Network of International Circus Exchange], in order to provide support and enforce every individual or organization active in non-profit youth and amateur circus.

The foundation of the N.I.C.E. network was the logical next step to pull together and build upon what has been over 10 years of informal international exchanges in the field of youth circus between some of our member organisations. We will use the natural powers of circus creativity, endurance and great teamwork.

Thus workgroups consisting of NICE-members will initiate a large number of inspiring activities, such as:

  • A yearly international meeting
  • Exchange programs, workshops and seminars for (peer) teachers, trainers and coaches, for younger people, as well as for those behind the scenes, and
  • A grand youth circus festival.

Thus NICE wants to contribute to the development of circus for young people and give circus the place in society it deserves.

A group consisting of representations of the national network organisations together with the presidents of the workgroups will monitor the progress of the activities.

The value of Circus Arts

NICE & easy does it - every time!

Circus is timeless and international. Circus evens out obstacles between children, young people and adults, and has the power to remove social differences, differences in background, religion and nationality. Circus is a widely proven means for social, creative, emotional and motorial development, the discovery of ones borders and expanding them. Circus provides values and abilities to become responsible, tolerant and active members of society.

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